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Project review meeting 2

On the 11th of July 2008 The FRESCOR consortium had it´s second review meeting with the EU Commission reviewers to explain the project status, advances and issues.
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The purpose of the review was to produce an independent peer assessment of the technical progress and results of the project in relation to the contractual workplan or programme of work as well as to the objectives of the project.

The review meeting was preceded by a preparation meeting, kindly hosted by the FRESCOR partner Visual Tools S.A. in Madrid. During this meeting the FRESCOR consortium had the opportunity to further synchronize the many presentations and demonstrations prepared to show the advances made in FRESCOR technology.

During the review meeting, the FRESCOR consortium members explained the status of the project with respect to the workplan and to the stated objectives. The progress, quality and validity of FRESCOR technical approach was extensively analyzed and the first demonstrators were shown, including: Software Component, Memory management, Multiprocessors, Disk bandwidth, Distributed Transaction Manager, Wireless networks, Optimization, and the Digital Video Recorder demonstrator. Also the project evaluation plan with the it's industrial applications were reviewed, and the future FRESCOR dissemination live-CD / live-USB was presented.

The meeting outcome was satisfactory and the consortium will be pleased to include the recommendations made by the reviewers in the future work.

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